Babes in the Wood 4.012-013

“Hello Mr Magpie, How’s your wife and family?”


To whit Mummy’s car key, Daddy’s wedding ring and little brothers shiny coin from the tooth fairy.

The culprit… the thieving magpie. Sneaking in the window and helping itself to anything shiny then taking the swag back to it’s nest high up in the trees.

Despite the dastardly crime we took pity on the magpie and birds in general and made woven bird feeders which we stuffed with fat and seeds. These will be a welcome addition to the birds diets through the colder weather.

The forecast was for terrible weather this week, both of this weeks sessions passed without ant meteorological mishaps. It may have rained a bit, it may have been a bit blowy at times but there was lovely sunshine too.