Babes in the Wood 4.009-011and Spoonrakers 8

This week say the naughtiest rabbit in the woods making an appearance in the Horse field.

All the way from France, Little Rabbit Fou Fou came to ride through our forest and with the BIGGEST mallet you have ever seen, he bopped worms, goblins, field mice and… even children on the head!

Or rather he would have had it not been for the intercession of the three good faeries who turned Fou Fou into a goon before any bopping of children could take place.

Hare today, goon tomorrow!

Also in the woods was Arey Faery the woodland making fairy. We now have the first stage of fencing to help protect us from the north wind and remind children to keep safe by the edge of the river bank.

There is a luxury log dog kennel, so bijou that the two log dogs seem to have been joined by a puppy! And an owl… isn’t nature a wonderful thing?

Amongst numerous benches and chairs the bag shelter is underway. How lovely for practitioners and attendees alike to turn up agh the Horse field and find that Arey Faery has sprinkled magic dust all around (even if it does resemble the shavings from a magic fairy chainsaw)

On Sunday we celebrated a month at the Hose field  with another Spoonrakers session. It was fabulous to see old faces back again and to welcome John Arey our woodland fairy and Spoon boffin Dan de-Lion to the site for a chilled and sunny session. Also in attendance TWO cakes! So much cake we couldn’t finish it all.