Babes in the Wood 4.001-2

So begins another school year and indeed another Forest School year. We follow the academic year pattern because September is when the older children leave the weekday provision to go to school. Then we do a Saturday session and they come back, full of stories of school life… well not really, they just like to climb trees, shout and run and play in the mud. Kids eh!

We also get lots and lots of new folk too. In fact since Spring time we have had an incredible number of new families attend with children of all ages and we are happy to welcome everyone.

Last week were the first BITW sessions on the Horse field. The story was “Will and the Wolves” with mums wearing wolf tails and most elegant outfits then chasing each other round a tree until they turn into butter, wolf butter… very good on pancakes.

By chance Rachel had a few brollies in her magic cellar of crafty plentyness so the children were able to decorate their own with completely biodegradable sticky back plastic (available from a mystical sticking and glueing eco-shop near you).

Having their own brollies meant that they were less inclined to covet mine though to be fair, the black antler handles version seemed to have less impact than the Balamory umbrella I used last time.

It is strange working on a new site that you have invested so much longing into. It could be easy to look around and thing “I really must move that, build this, change the whatever…” new attendees and old exclaimed at how pleasant the new site was, how it was a wonderful space.

So good luck to those who have moved on, you will be missed and I know you will keep us in your heart as we keep you in ours.

And of course, we must not forget to see the wood for the trees!