Babes in the Wood – 2.35

This Babes in the Woods was a Family Session, so was open to older siblings of BIW attendees. As well as seeing some familiar faces, there were several new families at the session. After the usual round of introductions and “keeping safe” discussion, everyone went out to look for rabbit eggs in nests, only looking and counting mind you!

We all compared notes on the colour of the eggs and how many we spotted with the most being 18! Children then retrieved an egg to decorate before making an egg carrier using a paper potter.

After a hot cross snack and drinks all round, we set off for the egg-stacle course where traversing the tight rope proved most popular with an egg balanced on a wooden spoon. Once again I took the opportunity to shamelessly plug Birch Forest Schools spoon carving workshops and was rewarded with enough interest to convince me to run another before Spoonfest 2013. (or maybe people were just humouring me, it does happen).

Despite having other egg-tivities ready, the children had found their own amusement with regular attendees inducting new children into the delights of the muddy banking.

No one noticed the light rain, it was just pleasant to be out, playing together, meeting new people and having fun.

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  1. Email from one of the parents who attended the session:

    Hi Alan
    Just to say that E. has insisted on trying the painted egg this afternoon as ‘she has never eaten a rabbits egg before!

    How cute!!

    Thanks for a great session. Enjoy your weekend.
    J. 🙂

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