Hexham Spooknight Lantern Making and Walk

Once again we were invited to provide a full day of willow lantern making at Hexham Community Centre for families attending Spooknight.

Over 40 families attended and we had a lot of great feedback.

The emerging theme of the day seemed to be ‘colour’ as the lanterns became more vibrant and textured as the day went on!

Several of the adults and children who attended last year helped new people to make their lanterns and it was a proper community effort! We were run off our feet all day – but the atmosphere was good and everyone happy!

The walk took place led by our Spooky Pirate Steven who sang Sea Shanties through the Sele Park and it was magical – we organised it a little later this year the darkness showed the lanterns off to their best effect. We were joined by the Stagefright Theatre Group who added their gothic spookiness to the parade.

Halfway round the park we met up with the Mayor of Hexham who stopped to say hello and allow people to take photographs with him.

Can’t wait for next Spooknight!! Thanks to all who helped!