Rotcher forage walk

Birch Forest Schools led a forage walk through the Rotcher area of Slaithwaite for the third year running as part of the Colne Valley Local Food Festival. Called in to cover a cancellation with only two days notice, we prepared products from some of the wild food available throughout the area and prepared a walk that would demonstrate how a small area could provide a wide range of opportunities for the forager.

We focused not just on food but medicinal properties of some of the plants and trees as well as craft and bushcraft opportunities.

Despite the promised downpour, we managed to complete the walk and make t to the parachute cover for hot drinks (including foraged ground ivy) and fresh, wild herb bread cooked in the Dutch oven.

As always seems to be the case, I rarely get any photos on a forage walk, probably on account of getting too excited and talking far too much, luckily a little rowan jelly was on hand to sooth the throat.

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