“We are not uncrafty” – Spoonfest 2012

We decided to attend the first ever Spoonfest in Edale over the weekend. I must admit I had no idea what to expect or indeed how one might fill a weekend with nothing but spoons. As it turned out, my eyes were opened to a myriad of possibilities and by the end of the trip I had a much better understanding of exactly what the event was hoping to achieve, namely to inform and inspire.

The “not uncrafty” was like a who’s who in the carving and spoon making world with the likes of Jögge Sundqvist, Mike Abbot, Steve Tomlin, Jarrod Stone Dahl, Janharm  ter Brugge and Fritiof Runhall representing the Netherlands, UK, USA and Sweden. The quality of work on display at the gallery by attendees as well as teachers was astounding  and a little intimidating.

The weekend was organised into a series of 90 minute workshops and free demonstrations though in and amongst the organised happenings it was possible to take a piece of wood from the pile of supplied, lime, cherry, field maple, birch and sycamore and just carve away.

I was fortunate to attend workshops by Fritiof Runhall, Steve Tomlin and Janharm  ter Brugge with a very interesting demonstration of bark work by Jarrod Stone Dahl and by the end of the festival feel as though I have learned a host of new techniques to employ in carving and making as well as a more considered and systematic approach to my carving and making

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